About Runergy USA

Runergy USA is the module brand launched by Runergy group for the US market in 2021. Runergy is one of the leading PV product manufacturers in the world. We are ranked 3rd in global PV cell sales by PVInfoLink from 2019 to 2022. Now we have 50,000 tons of polysilicon capacity in Ningxia and over 25GW cell capacity around the world. Runergy USA is headquartered in California with established production facilities in Thailand. Our facilities currently have over 5.5GW high-efficiency cell capacity and a 2GW module capacity. In 2023, we will add 7GW N-type cell capacity and 7GW module capacity in Thailand, providing more high-quality modules to North American customers. Our PV products meet all necessary regulations for North America and other regions. To meet US customer bankability needs, Runergy USA passed a strict factory audit conducted by Munich Re. You can count on Runergy USA to help you reach your quality, energy and profitability goals.

Made in Southeast Asia

Automation and Intelligence

N-type High Efficiency

Intelligent manufacturing

We have an end-to-end intelligent manufacturing process, combined with mature field management technology, to ensure the supply of high-quality photovoltaic products for global customers.

Manufacturing Strength

Quality Control

Intelligent control

High Compatibility



High Quality

SAFE Integrated Supply Chain

We have a sound supply chain and strong cell R & D and manufacturing capacity, which can provide customers with safe and stable photovoltaic products.

We have a production capacity of 50,000 tons of polysilicon in Ningxia to ensure the security of supply
We have more than 30GW of high efficiency cell capacity worldwide. And we rank 3rd for global PV cell sales.
In 2023, we will have 9GW module capacity in Thailand to provide high-power TOPCON modules to global customers.

Our beliefs


Science and technology change the world,
photovoltaic protects the earth.


Hyperion takes quality as the cornerstone of development, and we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality photovoltaic products.